Past Projects

Here you will find past projects of COLABORA. If you wish more information about the projects please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Organic & Fairtrade Coffee

Devoloping an organic and fairtrade quality coffee range for companies.

  • General project consultancy
  • Assisting the presence at BioFach Fair
  • Texts and pictures for promotion
  • Sourcing support
  • PR & support for presence at the BioFach fair for participators
  • Consultancy & employee training in the scheme bio & transfair

2. Feasability Study in Greece

D Y N A M I K  T I N O S
Assessment and Feasibility Study for a Bio-Dynamic and Holistic Project on Tinos Island/ Greece

3. Farmer John - Film Tour

The EuropeanTour of Farmer John
An exceptional farmer with an exceptional film on a 14 days tour in four European countries.
The documentar award winning film „The real dirt on farmer John“ describes the path of life of the bio-dynamic farmer John Peterson who grew up on a farm in Illinois, USA.
The film tour was organized of COLABORA in cooperation with Kinostar GmbH.

4. Mars - "on the road" to sustainability

Consultancy in strategy discussion and decisions through analysis and background informations papers.

5. Organic Mineral Water - Neumarkter Lammsbräu

Expertise Bernward Geier and lawyer Hanspeter Schmidt
The theme of the feasibility study was: Does it confirm with the law to claim mineral water as organic?

6. Film and Discussion

„Life Running out of control“ - A cultural and political “side” event at Planet Diversity
 At the occasion of the international Planet Diversity events in May 2008 in Bonn COLABORA organized a public viewing of the film followed by a panel discussion. The two main Protagonists of the film were Vandana Shiva from India and Percy Schmeiser from Canada (both Alternative Nobel Price Laureates). Renate Künast (Ex-German Minister of Agriculture) and the director of the film Bertram Verhaag participated.

7. Vision Summit Congress Berlin

Congress ökosoziales Wirtschaften - Gemeinsam Zukunft gestalten
November 2009, Freie Universität Berlin
A conference linking social business and the organic movement with Peace Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus as keynote speaker.

8. SusCon International Congress Nuremberg

SusCon - International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption
The first SusCon in 2009 took place priour of the BioFach Fair. The focus was "Sustainable Production, Trade, Consumption and Lifestyle". More
The second time SusCon in 2010 was decoupled from BioFach Fair. The theme "Biodiversity - a strategic value in a greening economy" was adapted to the Year of Biodiversity.